[English subtitles] [MRSS-119] [Hikari Sena] i discovered that my wife used to have affair with my father as well during her st days

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Hikari Sena starring in MRSS-119 with English subtitles: i discovered that my wife used to have affair with my father as well during her st days

Pornsub started off in 2019 as a small website that offered a few subtitled videos. Its original goal was to collate porn that could be enjoyed by the deaf and people with hearing loss so that even if the moans of Hikari Sena could not be heard, the gist of the video was still clear. As the site expanded, we’ve realised that subtitled porn is important, not just for the deaf and people with hearing loss, but also to users who are watching videos in different languages and for the connoisseurs who wish to get into the sticky details of the movie plot. Surely, this is educational as well – you’re just learning a new language right?

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Without further delay, please enjoy Hikari Sena in MRSS-119 with English subtitles! If anyone asks why your Japanese is so good, we recommend you just say Duolingo.

Date: May 22, 2022
Actors: Hikari Sena